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Corporate Message

Tokio Marine International Assistance Co.,Ltd (INTAC) was established in 1996. INTAC is one of the group companies of Tokio Marine Nichido Insurance Co.,Ltd (TMNF).

Our office is located here in Ginza, Tokyo and we are open 24 hours/7 days a week without any interruption to receive telephone calls from our customers all over the world and to provide suitable service to them.

Overseas Travel Insurance provides coverage to injury, sickness, and stolen or damaged belongings of the insured as well as damage or injury to a third party for which you are legally liable, and help you with other unexpected mishaps that you may encounter. Therefore, our customers call us when they face various troubles. Our first step is to listen to our customers very carefully to clarify the situation that they are facing in order to offer the most suitable solution.

Since our establishment, we have raised “HOSPITALITY” as the DNA of our daily business transaction. We always keep our strong wish in mind to try to help our customers who are in foreign countries, where they are not used to be. We aim to deliver “Safety and Security” to all of our customers.

When our customers get severely injured or become seriously ill, they may be hospitalized for several months. We try our best to help our customers by taking advantage of our acquired assistance skills, maximizing our many years of experience, and also by collaborating with our global network of local service providers. Last but certainly not least, we ensure our strong desire to bring our customers back to their home in Japan safely to the best of their insurance coverage, and we believe that our strong desire enable us to complete our mission smoothly.

Based on these services relating to Overseas Travel Insurance, we also offer additional service programs to provide customer support to Universities and Colleges for their students who are studying abroad.
Our organizational structure enables us to collect information regarding TMNF policy holders located all over the world in our office in Japan, which is one of our important advantages. We wish to continue providing our customers with various kinds of services.

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